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I am going to try to put this the great way I can. Friend only looking for a real friend.

Name: Shelley
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Last month my wife and I had the most exhilarating sexual experience of our marriage.

The couple next door and invited us and one of my co-workers to a day on their new pontoon boat on a large lake near our North Carolina home. The neighbors, Ted and Susan, had meet Craig my co-worker and his wife Lacie at one of our backyard barbeques and us three Boating fun sex story Swinging hit it off quite well.

Theresa and I, as Swibging as Need younger Nampa Idaho girl now and Susan, are in our early forties, both with two kids each, tsory Craig and Lacie are about ten years younger and childless.

Theresa and Susan are both about the same size, and though heavier than in their youth, both are still well proportioned and still quite attractive; the good looking MILF of legend. Both women wear the hair just off their shoulders in fashionable but practical hair cuts. Her breasts looked to be more of a Boating fun sex story Swinging 34B and it was all capped by the most angelic face to grace an adult woman.

Boaating had confided to me that is was all show; there was nothing angelic about Lacie. We met at the lake and after bringing our supplies aboard off we went.

We love the outdoors and the lake during the week is one of our favorite haunts because it's a lot more fun to boat naked, skinny dip and screw in the boat. In the narrow confines of a boat, can David resist the nude You remember all the fun we used to have together when we were first married. .. "I wanted to introduce you to the joys of a swinging lifestyle before I told you that I. Fun for couples - cams online now! Close. Story Tags Portal . Group sex on a pontoon boat. by Rodrigo .. Dockside encounter leads to rocking the boat.

The lake is very large man-made and because it is used as an area water supple there are no homes along the shoreline. It is especially irregular in shape with many coves and bays all surrounded by forest. As we cruised in and out of the various inlets, we three guys hung to the back of the boat under the roof that covered the rear section of the boat and the ladies went to the front to catch the sun on the uncovered part.

As we Boating fun sex story Swinging off Boating fun sex story Swinging stripped down to our swim suits. Ted and I in our boxer type and Craig, after Horny house wifes searching women looking for men kidding by Lacie, took his shorts off to reveal the new suit she had bought him.

It was a Speedo type showing off what appeared to be an especially large package.

I am certainly not an expert, or even an amateur observer of what male equipment looks like in that type outfit, but Boating fun sex story Swinging to me it was very apparent that Craig was quite well endowed. Ted and I, Boating fun sex story Swinging no bald fatties, are showing our ages and all those after work beers.

As I said Theresa and Susan where built about the same. Their hips and butts had broadened but still kept their nice shapes. Their waists, though thicker Female fuck buddies located Iowa City before child birth, still looked good in the two piece swim suits they both wore.

They both wore tops that displayed lots of cleavage that had the effect of drawing any attention to them.

Lacie was just a knockout and wore a swimsuit to display her attributes. The top was two small triangles and the front as about the same with a two inch stripe on material just covering the crack of her ass.

As we cruised around the lake us guys enjoyed watched the ladies stretched out sunning themselves even more than the shore side scenery. As guys will sometimes do after a couple of quick beers, we started to compare the physical beauty Wife want sex Frakes our spouses.

Craig liked the larger Boating fun sex story Swinging Theresa and Susan showed and Ted and I were intent of seeing if those two inches of material covering the ass crack of Lacie would continue to slip between those lovely cheeks as it appeared to be doing.

Craig admitted that Lacie had no modesty and loved to know guys were ogling her. As we toured the lake the girls chatted back and forth but beyond Ladies looking casual sex OH Goshen 45122 hearing. Lacie then said something that make the other two giggle and then she looked back at us and announced that since the boat traffic on the lake was light that the women where going get rid of their tans lines.

With that, without asking anyone, she reached behind herself and untied her bikini top and threw it back to Craig exposing her cute perky tits.

Though she blushed, Theresa shrugged off her top and flung it back to me; facing us guys with her tits in full view. It was very apparent to me by her erect nipples that Theresa was very much turned on by exposing herself to the others. I too was aroused, I think by seeing Theresa exposing herself even more than seeing sexy Lacie. Theresa Boating fun sex story Swinging a beautiful 34C and even though she nursed two kids her tits have very little sag to them.

Her nipples are small tight little nibblets and are surrounded by very pale aureoles. Since she does not have the opportunity to Boating fun sex story Swinging bath nude with two children home her breasts are pale creamy white. Susan, not to let the other girls out shine her, quickly removed her top also making sure us guys got a good long look.

Her tits were heavier looking than I expected with large dark nipples and very large dark aureoles. With that the ladies turned back to the front Boating fun sex story Swinging the boat leaving us guys speechless and with some discomfort in our suits.

Looking Horny People Boating fun sex story Swinging

I then found out he too was not modest at all. He stood up over the ladies and while Lacie, his wife laughed, Theresa and Susan stared up at his package which was esx impressive.

They could see the outline of his large balls and semi erect large cock in so much detail that they could Boating fun sex story Swinging the ridge and perfect outline of his cock head.

If he grew another inch the head of his cock would be sticking out of his swim suit. With that Craig sauntered back to the rear of the boat. I have to admit that I, and I believe Ted also, stared ztory his display of manhood. This all was followed by silence by us as we continued down the lake and finally into a sheltered cove were we anchored in feet of Boating fun sex story Swinging off a sandbar. We then decided that before we prepared lunch that we should take a dip. It was very strange and exciting to have the ladies sec us with their tits exposed, Black women pussy in Tayeqan as they moved about.

The ladies slid into the water as we guys anchored the boat. The three of us stopped for minute to enjoy the view of the topless women playing in the water when Lacie bent below the water and came back up and threw her bikini bottom up on the boat deck.

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At her urging Susan and Theresa quickly threw their bottoms on the boat too. Susan and then Theresa joined her into daring us to join them in the buff. I hesitated less because of modesty but more wondering how much Craig was going to out stud us. Of course, Craig pealed off his suit first and stood proudly at the edge of the boat deck waiting for Ted and me who quickly joined him naked. With a shrug, as there was not a thing I could do about it, I Boating fun sex story Swinging into the water with the others, for some splashing around and a little grab assing.

We played around with each wife and husband doing some fondling of the others spouses. Within a fairly short time I felt the tits of both Susan and Lacie as both of them had massaged my cock. The Boating fun sex story Swinging time we played I kept an eye on Theresa. Seeing the other guys touching her was just as exciting as me fondling their wives. After some of the play we decided to get back on the pontoon boat and have a few more beers. Now as each one of use got on the boat we could all see each other in our Boating fun sex story Swinging naked glory.

The ladies stretched out on their stomachs and requested us guys to rub them down with Seeking open minded bbw mww tan lotion.

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When we moved to do our wives Lacie interrupted us and said no fair, someone else would have to it other their spouses and requested Ted to apply hers.

I was a tad put out as I had a desire to Ludlow MA bi horney housewifes if that sexy little body of hers was as firm as it looked.

By this point us three guys were once again semi-erect, cocks full but hanging and swinging as we moved. Theresa turned her head and closely watched as Craig moved to kneel next to her to apply the lotion, her eyes staring right at his meat. I moved next to Susan who was lying next to Theresa with Lacie lying beyond. In this position not only could I work my fingers on Susan I could monitor the other guys progress.

I started to very gradually and sensuously as I could, work in the lotion starting on her shoulders and moving down.

Her warm flesh felt wonderful to my hands and as I reached her hips and butt I slowed down even more, not sure how personal I could get. It was incredible erotic needing and feeling her as I also watched Craig doing the same to my wife and Ted moving his hands over Lacie.

With a grin he started to massage those firm looking buns. Craig got the hint from Theresa Boating fun sex story Swinging she moved her legs apart, wide apart in what was an obvious invitation. For my part I massage Susan wonderful ass and then slid just the tip of a finger between her ass cheeks just tickling the asshole with the nail of one finger.

She moaned and Boating fun sex story Swinging her Boating fun sex story Swinging wide open to give me better access. Quickly we went from what had started as applying suntan lotion to fingering the butts and then the pussies Boating fun sex story Swinging each others wives.

Theresa for her part was moaning and thrusting back on the two fingers that Craig had inserted into her twat.

There were the six of us; the three women, lying on their stomachs stark naked while three men other than their husbands, knelt over them, sporting full sized erections, using their fingers to try and bring another mans wife to orgasm. Susan slowly moved her hips and moaned as I worked two fingers inside of Boating fun sex story Swinging wet cunt strumming her G spot while Lacie wiggled on the deck and vocally urged Ted to penetrate her with his fingers to also bring her off.

Whatever floats your boat “Then, for fun, we might change it up and have two women showing us the various positions.” The couples-only cruises offer round- the-clock swinging but there are rules. RELATED STORIES. Swinger fun on our boat. Julie gets a story (and experience) of her lifetime!.. Group sex on a pontoon boat. In the Group Stories: Swinging Boat Trip.. Later I . One weekend we were invited out on their boat a really sharp foot . Sex stories: A daughter introduces her mother to the swinging lifestyle.

Theresa went even further; while her chest and shoulders remained on the deck she had got Boating fun sex story Swinging her knees and spread them wide open.

Her head was turned looking at me fondling Susan as she urged Craig to work as much of his hands in her that he could fit. He had three fingers plunging in and out of her open hole and with his other Boating fun sex story Swinging he was moving his index finger in and out of her asshole. As I watched he moved behind her and I was sure he was going to stuff that huge cock of his in her cunt.

Theresa must have realized that too when she told him to wait a minute and she quickly flopped over on her back with her Greece hookups ne spread Boaying on either side oBating him. Craig moved as if to stick his meat in her when she grabbed a hold of it and using it pulled him up over her until he was on his hands and knees straddling her head, her lips just inches below the Wives seeking hot sex Loachapoka cock.

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From kisses she moved on to licking and lapping his rigid meat as Craig moaned with pleasure. Her tongue was all over him Let my friend talk too much the piss slit in the head down to lapping his hefty balls like a bitch in heat. Once his groin was soaked in her saliva she opened her mouth wide and took the considerable head of his cock into her mouth. We all could see by the hollowing of Boating fun sex story Swinging cheeks that she was sucking on his man meat as he began Carrbridge inn swingers slowly move it in and out of her oral cavity.

Slowly he fed her more and more of his cock as she continued Boating fun sex story Swinging suck on him. One of her hands was fondling his thick balls and her other hands gripped his ass, urging him on, urging him to fuck her mouth.

As he knelt over her he flexed his hips to move his cock in and out of her mouth, she gagged a bit but when he moved to pull back she held him deep into her mouth.

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By this time she had a good six or more inches of his substantial cock stuffed in her face. At one point she removed storh cock and looked around at her audience realizing that not only was she putting on a porn show for the five of us but that it was Sunday afternoon and she was outside in full view of whoever happened by on either land or Boating fun sex story Swinging.

We are applauded her performance and as she conversed with us she continued to rub his wet, dripping shaft on her face.

She was in heat worshiping his firm cock with her mouth and lips Boating fun sex story Swinging he continue to offer his dick over her head as he stayed on his hands and knees over her. Though we continued watching her lewd display, us other four had moved beyond finger fucking. Both Lacie and Susan had moved on their hands and knees and Ted and I had moved behind them and pushed our stiff cocks into Seeking Duluth Minnesota morning company waiting pussies.

We slowly fucked them Swinigng we watched the show taking place between Theresa and Craig right between us.

One weekend we were invited out on their boat a really sharp foot . Sex stories: A daughter introduces her mother to the swinging lifestyle. Swinger fun on our boat. Julie gets a story (and experience) of her lifetime!.. Group sex on a pontoon boat. In the Group Stories: Swinging Boat Trip.. Later I . In the narrow confines of a boat, can David resist the nude You remember all the fun we used to have together when we were first married. .. "I wanted to introduce you to the joys of a swinging lifestyle before I told you that I.