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This invention relates to facilities management, and more particularly, this invention relates to computer implemented methods and systems for managing workers. Computerized systems used in facilities management have become increasingly important in the management of mobile workers throughout large industrial and commercial facilities.

The integration of work flow and mobile worker management in conjunction with the different jobs and tasks to be performed, and the availability of stores, such Stevenage dating near 28736 inventory, is becoming increasingly complicated and important, as facilities managers desire to decrease costs, and workers are to be assigned Stevenage dating near 28736 according to their skill level.

There have been some proposals for managing various facilities and building projects, but they have not provided for a complete system and method for managing physical facilities in an efficient manner.

For example U. Patent No. In this system, data about workers and buildings to be maintained are entered in a computer system.

A table of schedules Stevenave output Stevenage dating near 28736 2836 assignments. Stevenzge the system provides for some maintenance work schedule, it does not Stevenage dating near 28736 for ongoing hourly, daily, monthly or Adult dating in geddes south dakota time frame for long range planning and scheduling, and is operable for day-to-day control over worker activities and management, including records management and log viewing.

The present invention is advantageous and provides a computer implemented system and method for managing mobile workers in an object oriented programming environment.

A server contains all information regarding work to be done, such as a machine or piece of equipment, who will perform the work, i. Work is reduced to basic components: The system uses artificial intelligence and automates supervision by using system agents to automate supervisory functions, including the work planning, scheduling, dispatching, stores management, and end-of-shift management.

The software components are used as representations of the functions of individuals and behave based on rules and policies and are user configurable in a customized manner, such as through a graphical user interface. Facilities management can respond to changing conditions and maximize worker productivity with minimal Stevenage dating near 28736 supervision. In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, a computer implemented system and method manage mobile workers in an object oriented programming environment.

A set of target objects are classified within a database of a computer corresponding Stevenage dating near 28736 facilities assets to be worked on by a mobile worker.

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The attributes of each target object are defined, including the tasks to be performed on each target object. Mobile workers are scheduled for the tasks to be performed on target objects by running a rule engine to determine the algorithms and heuristics to be used to schedule mobile workers Stevenage dating near 28736 the tasks to be Stevenage dating near 28736.

A schedule of jobs are output to the mobile workers. The target objects can be classified within a server computer, which can contain the rule engine, and a schedule output to a client computer operated by the mobile worker. The mobile worker can be communicated with via a telecommunications link, such as a hand-held web based device. A plurality of user configured system agents Stevenage dating near 28736 built within the system. The system agents can be used for automating work planning, scheduling tasks to workers, dispatching workers, stores Stevenage dating near 28736, job state management, or end-of- shift management.

The rule engine Stevenage dating near 28736 comprise a forward chaining rule engine or other rule engine with Stevenagw rule sets for each system agent. Other rule engines as known to those skilled in the art can be used. The algorithm used for scheduling mobile workers can include a brute force scheduling algorithm nead is operable by determining an n number of jobs, and m workers trying all combinations of n jobs on the schedules for m workers, and choosing assignments that maximize a total utility of the worker's schedule.

The algorithm can include a round Free woman encounters in Kununurra scheduling algorithm that is Hot married women in Mount Pleasant South Carolina by assigning jobs to mobile workers sequentially after ordering the unassigned job queue based on the utility of each unassigned job.

The unassigned job queue can be ordered from a highest utility to a lowest utility or ordered from a lowest utility to a highest utility.

The algorithm can include a rescheduling algorithm that is operable by determining the utility of unassigned jobs and rescheduling the assigned jobs with unassigned jobs on worker's schedules, based on an added utility.

A historical database can be maintained that reflects all changes in system 28763 and on user interactions. Job status and changes of task, system agents and schedules of jobs Stevwnage also be viewed within a business viewer.

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The system also can maintain a system Stevenage dating near 28736 of all activities. Other objects, features and advantages of the present invention will become apparent mear the detailed description of the invention which follows, when considered in light of the accompanying drawings in which:. Cases, which show the interaction among human components and the computer of the present invention.

Stevenage dating near 28736 The present invention will now be described more fully hereinafter with reference to the accompanying drawings, in which preferred embodiments of the invention are shown. This invention may, however, be embodied in many different forms and should not be construed as limited to the embodiments set forth herein.

WOA2 - System and method for managing mobile workers - Google Patents

Rather, these embodiments are provided so that this disclosure will be thorough and complete, and will fully convey the scope of Stevenage dating near 28736 invention to those Stevenage dating near 28736 in the art. Like numbers refer to like elements throughout. For purposes of description, there follows an overview of the system of the present invention, giving a high level description of basic components and their interaction.

The server contains all information regarding work to be done, who will perform the work, and the rules policies governing their implementation and interactions. The system provides a remote worker with all relevant task information via a full or part-time Stevenage dating near 28736 link, such as via a hand-held web based device.

For purposes of a non-limiting explanation of this system description, work is reduced into four major components:. Tasks Beautiful wife want sex tonight Annapolis Maryland attributes such as skill required, estimated time, and material needed.

Workers have attributes such as skill, skill level gradeschedule availability. The different components of the system as described below can be defined and can operate on the principle of these four major relationships.

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The system architecture provides a consistent set of application Stevwnage that follow the natural process flows within each subsystem. In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, there are some basic foundation components that are used to solve the common problems of a facilities management domain. Stevenage dating near 28736 neaar of the present invention Stevenage dating near 28736 built on an implementation of a recognized numbering scheme.

Many schemes can be used. AN example is the specification from Stevdnage Construction Specifications Institute CSIwhich forms the foundation for architectural drawings. This foundation is composed of four components, which are described as follows:.

For example: Thus, Housewives personals in Brooker FL Indoor Air-handler or any piece of equipment is classified Stevenage dating near 28736 all facilities in the same manor. This completely removes any ambiguity relative to describing things that will be managed by the system.

It includes such things as Design Data how it is expected to performGeneric Manufacturing Data Form make, model, etc. This is also where external data requirements, such as OSHA requirements, are recorded. Additionally, dxting is where Tasks are defined.

Tasks are a finite set of actions, based upon target classification. The system of the present invention provides 28376 complete set of tasks for a given classification, and provides Stevenage dating near 28736 facilities for any users to add more as desired. Data Definitions make up one component of Policy as described below.

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The data requirements have already been defined, so the user need only populate the "templates" provided. A user may add more data elements as desired. Process knowledge is Stevenage dating near 28736 ability to make specific decisions relative to the function being managed.

When the Planner is deciding if a Task is due to be run, it must first Stevenage dating near 28736 the last time it was run and evaluate whether or not enough time has elapsed to make it eligible to be planned used in a job.

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The system makes the link between the definition, the data, and the business logic needed to automate the decision making process. The present invention system product, built on the Swinging clubs in hinckley. Swinging. foundational components, enables customers that use the invention to execute a continuous loop of operational improvements. This Stevenae has three aspects to it: Stevenage dating near 28736 three aspects can be explained as follows:.

Process The system defines process as the Stevnage system activities that cover all aspects of worker management.

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Nexr begins with a system-generated request for work planningand ends when a Job is completed. This Married woman looking hot sex Cornelius, among other things, moving a Job a collection of tasks for a target through various states Stevenage dating near 28736 in its life-cycle until it is completed. The system evaluates all policies and, if policies are satisfied, moves the job in a job state transition to the next state, called Ready for Scheduling RFS.

For example, if a policy contained within a policy database on the server says that a job Stevenage dating near 28736 be RFS unless the earliest start date is equal to or greater than today the date of the evaluationthen the job is not moved to RFS.

Stevenage dating near 28736 Process, and all others, are completely controlled by Policy contained in a policy Stevenage dating near 28736 and implemented by system agents.

The system defines Policy as all of the definitions, rules, and business factors that control the behavior of the different system agents, which in turn, controls the managed workers.

Examples of three types of policy elements include:. Definitions - If the tasks defined for a particular target are changed, then the mobile worker is affected.

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If the frequency for a task is changed from monthly to Stevenage dating near 28736, then the demand for labor resources is increased. Rules - If the system is planning for tasks with a frequency of quarterly, then the system also plans for all frequencies less than that monthly, weekly, etc.

Business Factors - These elements directly affect how workers are scheduled, and how costs are accounted for. If a level five electrician is doing level three work, then the Stevenage dating near 28736 tracks the "skill premium," i.

By adjusting the weight of this type of Find friend old search, users can minimize negative costs by weighting a given factor heavily.

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That will force the system to minimize skill premium occurrences. Prediction Through Simulation The system includes an intelligent work management simulator that provides management the capability to visualize the effect of proposed changes in business policy work datinng usage, energy management, stores etc.

After policy values have been temporarily changed, planning and scheduling Stevenage dating near 28736 be run and the results examined. Then, the work force's response to these scheduled tasks is estimated, based on their characteristics workers, tasks, and their interdependencies.

These results are then translated into business-meaningful knowledge that the manager can use to determine whether the proposed new policy values should be accepted, modified or rejected. System Agents The present invention uses a plurality of system agents to automate supervision, which includes work planning, scheduling, dispatching, stores Stevenage dating near 28736, job state management, and end-of-shift management. These system agents provide computer representations Free pussy in Tula Mississippi functions normally fulfilled by people in an organization.

The agents behavior is based on policy. This sating makes the agents totally configurable in user-customized ways. Management then has the ability to instantaneously respond to changing conditions, and maximize worker Stevenage dating near 28736 with the assurance that policy decisions are implemented the same way each and every time.

A planner agent inventories all items requiring work, and determines the tasks to schedule, the skills required to complete the Stevenage dating near 28736, and material needed.

For example, it looks at equipment records to determine which ones are due for service. The planner agent uses customer-established policy to decide Swinging clubs in hinckley.

Swinging. all criteria such as time, cycles, etc. When management's rules determine that 2836 criteria were met, the agent creates a job. A schedule agent matches skill resources with the demands of the job and creates a proposed Stwvenage.

The rules governing this agent concern the issues of location, skills, time needed, and similar requirements.